Jumbo TIG Torch Setup

Often used in refineries and large industrial plants, a jumbo TIG torch is the off-road 4x4 of TIG welding. I'll go over the pros and cons of a jumbo setup and show the parts needed to convert your TIG torch into one.

What is a Jumbo TIG Torch?

A jumbo TIG torch is an air-cooled torch that uses a large diameter gas lens and cup. It's the opposite of a stubby TIG torch (the two are often used in different environments).

Jumbo tig torch versus standard number 17 tig torch.

Why use a Jumbo TIG Torch?

The jumbo parts are large, strong, and relatively cheap, making the jumbo torch a good choice for rough environments.

 Pros Cons
Great Gas Coverage Heavy
Durable Large
Inexpensive Uncomfortable for heavy free hand use
Good for walking the cup Potentially inefficient gas use
Good for rapid tacking in the field Might not fit tight spots

The large-diameter gas lens on a jumbo torch provides good gas coverage in environments that often have air movement that might otherwise disrupt argon coverage of a weld, such as in refineries or TIG welding outdoors.

Jumbo TIG Torch Parts

To convert your standard number 17 or number 26 air-cooled TIG torch into a jumbo setup, you need three parts. A large diameter gas lens (jumbo gas lens), a large gas TIG cup (jumbo TIG cup), and either a jumbo insulator or a jumbo adapter (as shown below).

Jumbo TIG torch parts. From left to right, a jumbo TIG cup, a jumbo gas lens, a standard collet, and a jumbo insulator adapter, lined up how they go onto the shown tig torch.

Jumbo Gas Lens

A large diameter gas lens that threads onto number 17 and 26 TIG torches.

Jumbo gas lens, also known as a large diameter gas lens, versus a standard collet body.

Jumbo TIG Cup

Jumbo cups are large gas lens cups. You can tell a gas lens cup from the shape curving into the opening. Below is a jumbo gas TIG cup versus a stubby gas TIG cup. Both are a size 8 (the size of opening where gas comes out).

Jumbo TIG cup versus a stubby gas TIG cup.

Jumbo Insulator Adapter

The standard insulator on a 17 torch leaves a gap when you put on a jumbo lens and cup, as you can see below.

There is a gap between the jumbo cup and standard insulator. A jumbo torch with a jumbo insulator adapter off versus on.

The jumbo cup screws onto the jumbo gas lens. Because the setup is slightly larger, you need to either get a new larger insulator, or an adapter that seats between the stock insulator and cup, to get a nice seal.

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